Aluprof offers a solution for transparent fire-proof walls based on the MB-78EI system, so-called single-sided walls. It allows the construction of internal partitions without visible vertical profiles separating individual wall modules, while maintaining its full fire resistance. The gap between the glass panes is only 4 mm and it is filled with a fire-retardant swelling and non-flammable silicone material. Silicone is available in three different colors (black, gray or white). Fire barriers made in this way can reach a height of 3.6 m and the width of the modules can reach up to 1.5 m. Fire tests carried out at the Institute of Building Technology (ITB) included the partition model from the so-called free edge, so there is no limit to the maximum length of this type of walls.

The MB-78EI single-sided wall system allows free design and construction of very large internal partition walls. Thanks to transparent modules, structures made from this system allow for optical enlargement of the interior of the building. At the same time, the system provides security by allowing the organization of fire zones in buildings and by guaranteeing appropriate conditions for evacuation of people.


the solution has been developed and tested in the ITB in two classes of fire resistance: EI30 and EI60

the gap width between the modules is only 4 mm

the maximum wall height is 3.6 m

the maximum width of a single module is 1.5 m

there is no limit to the maximum wall length,

constructions have been tested with toughened windows, which are much stronger and more resistant to impact than non-hardened glazing