This system, based on the construction of windows with increased thermal insulation, MB-70 is used for building facades with reinforced concrete or brick walls with window openings. There are two types of fields in this type of facade, the so-called “cold” and “warm” fields. “Warm” panels are thermally insulated windows installed in front of the facade in window openings. The “cold” fields, on the other hand, are the belts between the windows that protect the structures and thermal insulation (eg mineral wool) against weather conditions.

The use of this system significantly shortens the construction time due to the possibility of “closing” window openings before making the inter-window strips and the external facade coating.

The MB-70CW system is characterized by very good thermal insulation (Uf coefficient, depending on the profiles and accessories used, ranges from 1.49 to 1.99 W / m2K) and acoustic insulation, it also meets the aesthetic requirements set by architects and investors for this type of façade, i.e. looking from the outside, there is no visible difference in appearance between “warm” and “cold” panels and between fixed and openable elements. The stripes of aluminum sections visible from the outside of the building are extremely narrow, their width is 78.5 mm, thanks to which the structure gives the impression of being slim and light.

The MB-70CW system has a version with increased thermal insulation MB-70CW HI, for which the Uf coefficient, depending on the profiles and accessories used, ranges from 1.43 – 1.89 W / m2K. volume_upcontent_copyshare