The MB-59 Slide system is designed for making sliding doors with thermal insulation, which can be built into masonry walls, aluminum facades, winter gardens or window constructions. Sliding doors, especially large ones, visually “enlarge” the living space by connecting it with an outdoor terrace or garden. The MB-59 Slide system sections have two different thermal insulation variants: ST and HI. The range of available profiles includes two- and three-window frames. A wide range of glazing allows you to mount one- or two-chamber sets, including acoustic or anti-burglary sets. Thanks to its properties, this system can be used in various types of buildings, both individual, hotel and apartment buildings.

Features and benefits of the MB-59 SLIDE system

large acceptable dimensions of door leaves: height up to 2.6 m, width up to 1.8 m; maximum weight of the wing up to 160 kg

slender and durable sections with a three-chamber structure, where the central part is an insulating chamber with wide thermal breaks,

2 or 3-rail frames, allowing to make doors with a wide passageway

large range of the thickness of panes that can be installed in the door leaves (up to 42 mm), which gives you the freedom to choose the right glass with the right parameters

the possibility of mounting the majority of sliding hardware available on the market

possibility of installing the door in individual buildings as well as in larger constructions: post and beam facades or winter gardens

maximum simplified construction technology, shortening the time and costs of making the door

compatibility with other Aluprof systems – the possibility of using common components

Technical parameters of the system:

Air permeability: class 3, PN-EN 12207: 2001

Water tightness: class 6A, PN-EN 12208: 2001

Wind load: class C3, PN-EN 12210: 2001

Thermal insulation: Uf from 1.9 W / (m²K)