Sliding systems

Aluminum sliding systems are technical solutions that allow the implementation of the latest trends in architecture, design and interior design in practice. Sliding doors allow for very flexible and appropriate to the changing needs of shaping the environment. In houses, they enable the opening of individual rooms, increasing their space. Thanks to them, you can freely change the size of the available space and adapt it to even temporary needs, e.g. a family celebration or a social event.

In the case of commercial buildings and office space, sliding systems allow the separation of closed rooms, e.g. for meetings, meetings or presentations. They also give the possibility of flexible adaptation of the room to the number of people who are to gather in a given place, e.g. during larger meetings. Sliding systems are also a great way to open the space inside the building to its surroundings – the garden, terrace or patio in front of the building. Their use in residential houses allows you to come into contact with nature, breathe fresh air or combine events taking place partly at home and partly outdoors.

The company Specjall produces sliding systems of the highest quality, based on components provided by world leaders in the aluminum construction industry. All projects designed and executed by the company ensure excellent comfort of use and very high aesthetic values. The aluminum sliding systems offered by Specjall are suitable for single-family houses as well as commercial and public utility buildings.

Benefits of using aluminum sliding systems

The benefits of using aluminum sliding systems are, on the one hand, the freedom of interior design and ease of use, and, on the other hand, excellent performance parameters. The excellent use of the properties of the materials used in conjunction with the high precision of workmanship and assembly as well as the refined design make the use of aluminum sliding systems a real pleasure.

Quick change possible and compact size of sliding doors

Sliding systems make it possible to quickly change the character of a room by connecting it with another or opening it to the surrounding garden, balcony or terrace. One of their greatest advantages is the fact that the door sliding along its guides does not take up extra space. The whole structure is compact, and when opened, the rooms still get a lot of light and nothing restricts the air movement.

Sliding systems for large and small rooms

The use of aluminum profiles guarantees the sliding systems adequate stiffness and strength, thanks to which the movable surfaces can have large dimensions. This allows for the construction of an entire wall consisting of sliding doors, also in very high rooms. Despite the considerable weight of individual sashes, the whole thing remains stable and very easy to move.

Unobstructed view thanks to sliding systems

A very important feature of aluminum sliding systems is that they have very little effect on the perception of the room in which they are installed. The closed partition, thanks to the narrow frames, gives the impression of an open and unlimited space. After opening the door, the feeling that the room is one with the garden or terrace surface is intensified by the fact that the elements of the guides are very small and not very visible. The tracks on which the doors of the sliding systems run are relatively narrow and have a very low height.

Sliding doors without losing heat

Equally important, aluminum sliding systems provide a very favorable level of heat transfer coefficient. The entire partition does not cool the room in winter and limits heat inflow during hot summer. Such good performance parameters mean that the panoramic view from inside the building is not paid for by higher heating bills. The very favorable heat balance of a house with spacious sliding doors is due to the special structure of aluminum profiles, special glass and extremely precisely adhering seals.

Comfort and safety of using sliding systems

Aluminum sliding door systems also provide a very high level of noise reduction. Thanks to the special shape of the profiles and innovative gaskets, solutions of this type guarantee sound insulation at a level similar to that of ordinary windows. However, the comfort associated with good isolation from external sounds are not the only convenience benefits of aluminum sliding door systems.

The convenient operation of the system is also worth emphasizing. No great force is needed to move the panels, and they themselves move very smoothly and quietly. The closing system is equally effective. Sliding doors are also safe when it comes to resisting unwanted guests. There are also anti-burglary sliding doors with appropriate certificates.


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