Self supporting ballustrades

Self-supporting glass railings are a durable and extremely elegant way to finish a balcony or terrace. They look great on all types of buildings, starting with single-family houses and ending with commercial or hotel facilities. Self-supporting glass railings will prove themselves both in buildings designed in a very modern way, where they can be an additional decorative element thanks to the use of illumination or colored tinting foils, as well as in more traditional objects, where their total transparency can help to emphasize the body of the building itself.

Self-supporting glass railings can be installed on balconies or terraces of various sizes. In the case of a large surface, the glass railing additionally enlarges it optically. It gives the impression of an open space, and in places with a nice view, nothing obscures the viewed landscape. On smaller balconies, one of the most important advantages of a self-supporting glass balustrade is the increase in the amount of sunlight that falls into the interior of the apartment, providing it with better lighting.

Self-supporting railings supplied by Specjall are constructed on the basis of the Copal system. Only safe and certified, specially reinforced glass is used for their production. The experience of the Specjall company in building and assembling aluminum structures and glazing guarantees the highest level of services. The balustrades ordered from us will be delivered and installed in a very short time.

The construction of self-supporting glass railings

The self-supporting glass railing is made of a glass pane embedded in a metal holder. The holder is mounted directly on the balcony or terrace surface. The fastening element is made of a very aesthetic aluminum profile with any finish. The culmination of the balustrade can be a specially profiled handrail made of stainless steel. Depending on the selected option, the handrail may have a round or rectangular cross-section. The balustrade made in a self-supporting system is devoid of vertical supports, and the entire load is carried by the glass pane. Thanks to this structure, self-supporting railings give a much better view and the impression of a completely open space.

Safety of use of self-supporting glass railings

The safety of using self-supporting glass railings is ensured thanks to the stability of the glass fastening in the profile and due to the special type of glass panes used in such systems. Glass installed in the balustrades is embedded in a deep and very durable profile made of specially shaped aluminum. The glass pane inserted into the profile is immobilized and blocked with two wedges of a specially selected shape. Their fastening makes the glass element stationary, and its removal is possible only after removing the wedges.

Basic protection – glass toughening

The glass used for the production of panes installed in self-supporting railings is strengthened in a very high temperature toughening process. As a result, the glass becomes more resistant to mechanical damage and, at the same time, safer for users. This is because when broken, the glass breaks into small, blurred pieces, just like a car windshield. In addition to the toughening process, the glass used for the railings is additionally laminated.

Additional protection – glass lamination

Glass lamination is also carried out at high temperature. The glass pane is combined with special foils that help to transfer loads and increase the resistance of the structure to mechanical damage. During heating in a special furnace, the films are bonded to the glass, creating a surface with much greater strength. Glass used for self-supporting railings is obtained by combining as many as four layers of foil and two layers of toughened glass. In addition to strengthening the structure of the glass, the function of the film is to hold the pieces in place should the surface be damaged.