A universal system that allows the creation of roofs with an inclination of 5 ° to 38 ° and fillings with a thickness of 25 to 80 mm. The system includes a whole range of elements that allow to give the structure a modern or traditional look. These include decorative elements mounted on the ridge or under the gutter, elements masking the ends and joining the profiles.

In the VARIANT system it is possible to obtain a large variety of shapes and forms: from simple, single-pitched to complex with a polygonal base and a multi-pitched roof.

The basic element of the roof part of the winter garden are rafters of a simple or stylized shape. Rafters of various sections are used, depending on the required load capacity, which depends on the type of fillings and the size of the veranda. Obtaining large spans of the roof is possible thanks to the use of reinforcing profiles inserted into the rafters (e.g. for covering swimming pools). The high quality of technical solutions allows for excellent aesthetic values, space, sunlight, while maintaining functional features such as thermal insulation and protection against wind and moisture .