In the construction of many roofs, regardless of their character, the windows play an important role, as they are based on the ventilation of significant parts of the building. They are often located high, where service access requires the use of appropriate equipment, which is why they must be durable, leak-proof and reliable for long years of operation. Particular features should have windows located in the glazed roofs. In addition to the opening function, they should be as close as possible to the rest of the construction in terms of aesthetics, glazing capabilities and thermal insulation.

MB-RW is a modern system that is a response to the increasingly high thermal and operational requirements set for modern roof constructions. It complements the offer of Aluprof energy-saving aluminum systems. Windows made in this system are designed for installation in roofs based on post-beam systems from the MB-SR50N and MB-TT50 groups, with an inclination angle from 3 ° to 75 ° in relation to the level. Roof windows can have dimensions in rafter / purlin axes up to 2.5 m and a weight of up to 200 kg.

High thermal insulation and a wide range of glazing of the MB-RW system [from 32 to 51 mm] enables the implementation of projects in which the emphasis is placed on the high energy efficiency of buildings. For this purpose, properly shaped insulation materials were used. Specially designed glass gasket and masking strip allow to achieve above-average tightness parameters of the structure while ensuring efficient and simple assembly of the filling.

The technical possibilities in the field of fittings is another advantage of MB-RW roof windows. To simplify the fabrication stage, dedicated hinges were developed in it, which can be mounted at the final stage of construction. In order to increase the size of the window, the profiles can be optionally fitted with standard envelope fittings, without damaging the entire structure. It is also possible to create windows that are opened manually using the handle. At the same time, the system allows the installation of electric actuators from different manufacturers in a wide range of construction, so MB-RW windows can be elements of the building’s gravity ventilation system.

Technical parameters:

Thermal insulation: Uf coefficient from 1.8 W / (m2K)

Air permeability – class 4 (1350 Pa); EN 12207

Water tightness – E1800; EN 12208

Resistance to wind loads – 2.4 kN / m2; EN 12210

Impact resistance – Class 4; EN 1873