This internal partition double-glass walling system is designed to fabricate internal partitions in offices and other public facilities. The system enables the use of different types of infills, transparent or obscure, with internal louvers and electrical components and office equipment. These walls are especially suitable in buildings where a high sound insulation is required. The basic feature of this construction is its versatility in arranging office space, combined with the simplicity of execution of all the works on site.

Features and benefits:

different types of infill: panes 4-14 mm thick, furniture boards 16-18 mm thick, gypsum plasterboards

depth & construction of the basic profiles enables installation of intra-pane louvers

can be combined with a standard, 75 mm-thick gypsum plasterboards

excellent sound insulation in office spaces – noise reduction of 50 dB depending on the type of infill used

possibility to fabricate 80 mm & 92 mm walls

custom division of space, angle of refraction within the range 90°÷180

simple prefabrication & installation, direct on-site pre-fabrication in option

cables inside the wall, installation of standard power sockets

can be combined with MB-45-based wall (MB-45S-based doors that flush with the plane of the wall) (flushed with the plane of the wall and with non-protruding hinges), and with MB-EXPO & MB-45 OFFICE doors (with centrally-installed leaf, flushed with the plane of the wall, plus non-protruding hinges)