The purpose of the element system of the MB-SE75 curtain wall is individual object-oriented realizations in which the basic requirements include quick assembly and elimination of external scaffolding during construction.

The construction of the MB-SE75 façade consists of segments fastened to the supporting structure of the building and connected between each other. Prefabrication of elements takes place in a production workshop, which leads to a definite increase in the quality of the final product. The basic technical advantages of this solution result from the technical concept adopted: installation on the site due to the use of complete glazed segments is much faster than with traditional mullion and transom façades, complete elimination of external scaffolding also reduces the costs of construction.

The element facade system meets the highest technical and aesthetic requirements. The structure made in this system both from the outside and the inside is characterized by a visible width of 75 mm profiles, with a narrow 9 mm dilatation gap between the individual segments.

Depending on the strength requirements, the system includes a range of profiles with a depth of 85-145 mm. Fillings of the MB-SE75 facade can have a thickness ranging from 26-42 mm

This system is characterized by very good thermal protection of the building, Uf heat transfer coefficient for columns and transoms, depending on their function and construction, is within the limits of 1.56 to 2.83 [W / m2K]

The design ensures high resistance to water and air infiltration, as evidenced by the parameters achieved in the research of the Building Research Institute:

– air permeability: Class AE1200 PN-EN 12152: 2004

– water tightness: Class RE1200 PN-EN 12154: 2004

– wind load resistance:

usable 2400 [Pa] PN-EN13116: 2004

Security 3600 [Pa] PN-EN13116: 2004

-the impact resistance: Class I5 / E5 PN-EN14019: 2004

Initial ITT type examination was carried out according to the PN-EN 13830: 2005 product standard.

In the facades of the MB-SE75 system you can use various opening elements: windows and doors based on the MB-70 or MB-70HI system, windows with hidden wings MB-70US, MB-70US HI or in the MB-70SG version as well as “frameless” constructions tilted outwards, based on the MB-SG50 structural system.

The flexible interplay of individual elements of the system allows for optimal adjustment of the structure to specific object requirements.