In multi-family apartment blocks, a balcony is a space that is increasingly appreciated and desired by residents. Properly arranged, it allows for a moment of rest and relaxation in the fresh air without leaving the apartment.

The construction of the terrace and balcony is becoming more and more popular every year. It positively influences the comfort of staying in such a room. This is because the enclosures of balconies protect against harmful weather conditions, as well as the unwanted eyesight of the neighbors. Building terraces and balconies also have a positive effect on maintaining a constant temperature level in houses and apartments, because they protect against heat loss. In addition, it is an ideal solution for people who want to have flowers on the balcony.

The framed and frameless balcony enclosure we offer also raises the aesthetic level of the façade

Stylish, modern balconies perfectly fit into the current architectural trends. Frame and frameless balcony enclosures are easy to use and quick to install, and the durable structure is an excellent anti-burglary barrier.

Each balcony enclosure harmonizes perfectly with our aluminum glass railings


Frameless balcony enclosures are modern systems based on aluminum and tempered glass. Tempered glass is very resistant to weather conditions and, if broken, it does not pose a threat to passers-by.

The frameless balcony enclosure system allows the windows to be arranged in such a way that they create completely invisible and uniform surfaces – balcony facades.

However, on warm and sunny days, it allows you to fold all glass panels into one package, thus facilitating the free flow of air.

Enclosing the balcony with a frameless system is its practical cover without interfering with the building’s architecture. Its form gives a higher standard of use and a very modern and aesthetic appearance.

Frameless balcony enclosure – Copal Frameless system characteristics

  • large dimensions: sliding and turning window with a maximum height of 2700 mm
  • 6, 8 or 10 mm tempered glass filling ensuring the highest level of window safety
  • powder coated profiles according to the ral and decoral palette
  • a sliding and tilting system that makes it easy to clean the windows and allows the cover to be fully opened to the balcony
  • modern look of the balcony facade
  • European CE approval ensures the highest level of quality and safety of our structures


Frame balcony enclosures are sliding systems. Sliding windows are made of aluminum profiles that allow the use of various types of glass. The windows slide in both directions and thanks to the use of special stainless steel bearings, this operation is extremely easy. Special door closers ensure that none of the windows will open automatically under the influence of wind or due to unauthorized persons from the outside. It is also an additional security when children use the balcony.

Frame balcony enclosures are a system that provides good insulation against rain and wind, however, it is also possible to ventilate the balcony. The Copal balcony cover is a buffer zone, allowing you to save on heating, while the windows themselves mean that the temperature on such a balcony in winter rarely drops below zero.

The lightweight Copal shielding system also enables the creation of permanent frame structures that are a perfect complement to the balcony enclosure structure. Thanks to this, we offer a complete set for balcony processing, regardless of the degree of advancement of the structure.

Our frame balcony enclosure has the technical approval of the Building Research Institute ITB AT-15-5662 / 2013

Safety, quality and affordable price mean that these buildings are becoming more and more popular.