The presented system of folding doors with a thermal partition is a modern construction of ALUPROF S.A., meeting the wishes and requirements of our clients: architects, investors and cooperating companies. The construction of folding doors that open inwards can be made in the following window and door systems: MB-59S, MB-60, MB-70. The MB-59S Casement system, on the other hand, allows you to create folding doors that open to the outside.

The structural depth of the sections depends on the chosen system and ranges from: 50 mm (frame), 59 mm (casement) in case of MB-59S and MB-59S casement to respectively: 70 mm and 79 mm in the case of MB-70.

The value of heat transfer coefficient and acoustic insulation also depends on the used aluminum system.

Thanks to the appropriate profile construction and the use of machining templates, folding doors are characterized by a very simple and fast prefabrication.

The shapes of frames and sashes have profiled grooves of dimensions so that they can be used in enveloping fittings and connectors in accordance with the EURO standard. The folding doors are fitted with proven Roto fittings. The running rail of these fittings can be mounted on the top profile of the frame (Top hung) or at the threshold (Bottom hung). In individual systems, you can choose between different variants of thresholds and ways to build them.

Profiles joining are made with minimal processing using the supplied aluminum connectors and additional accessories. Corner joints of the “L” type are made by cutting the ends of door frame or sash profiles at 45 ° and crimping or filing and gluing them (using CORALGLUE 2-component glue) to aluminum corners slipped into internal profile chambers. The use of glue guarantees high stiffness and tightness of the connection, while the corners allow to maintain the perpendicularity of the joined profiles. T-type transverse joints are made by pinning the laths with the inserted fasteners and using gluing CORALGLUE glue.

Glazing, locking and central gaskets are made of EPDM synthetic rubber. Most gaskets are assembled continuously, without trimming at the corners, connecting the ends of the gasket halfway along the upper crossbar. This method of glazing guarantees good tightness to water and air penetration. Central seals are cut at an angle of 45 ° and glued in corners or at a 90 ° angle and glued to a rubber corner.

Each external construction structure must have an effective drainage and ventilation system from the shaft chamber and from the chamber between the sash and the frame. Ventilation and drainage openings from the outside are covered with plastic covers.

Ferrule: Roto Patio 6080

Weight of the wing: max. 80 kg (swinging wing)

The width of the wings:

Active leaf mounted on the frame: min. 480 mm – max. 1230 mm.

Folding wing: min. 480 mm – max. 930 mm.

The height of the wings: min. 630 mm – max. 2430 mm.

Length of the rail: max. 6000 mm.

Roto ALU 540i fittings (turn / tilt sash)

Weight of the wing: max 130 kg

Active leaf mounted on the frame: min. 405 mm – max. 1600 mm.

The height of the wing: min. 630 mm – max. 2400 mm.