Windows and doors

Aluminum windows and doors are perfect for both single-family houses and commercial buildings. Due to the high rigidity of the structure, they are perfect for use with larger glazing. Aluminum windows and doors are very durable and resistant to external conditions and mechanical damage. They can be finished in a variety of ways, depending on the requirements of the building design. Aluminum elements can be painted in any color, and if necessary, special veneers can also be used.

Combining aluminum with other materials in frame structures, special plastic components, or high-quality elastomer seals allow for achieving excellent protection parameters against heat loss. The great advantage of aluminum windows and doors is that they can also be produced with very large sashes. Due to the rigidity and stability of their structure, aluminum windows and doors are perfect for use on terraces, building entrances or winter gardens.

Forma Specjall provides aluminum windows and doors of the highest quality and excellent performance parameters. We offer solutions tailored to the client’s needs. Our products are characterized by increased durability and very high precision of manufacture and assembly.

Advantages of aluminum windows and doors

Aluminum windows and doors have many advantages that make them eagerly chosen by individual investors as well as construction companies and developers. Aluminum has a low density, therefore the elements made of it are extremely light, and at the same time stiff and durable. Due to these features, structures made of aluminum are able to carry considerable loads with low own weight. This facilitates their transport and assembly, and also makes their attachment much easier.

In many cases, it is important that the elements made of aluminum may have a lower thickness than if they were made of another material, e.g. PVC. This allows you to increase the size of the glazed surfaces. Thinner frames enhance the aesthetics of the building and also allow a lot more sunlight to enter inside. The corrosion resistance of the material is a big advantage of aluminum windows and doors. The aluminum itself is covered with a layer of aluminum oxide, which is very thin but very tightly attached to the surface of the metal. This protects against further damage and constitutes an additional protective coating, especially in the event of mechanical damage to the surface of the window or door frame.

Aluminum windows and doors for special tasks

The properties of aluminum mean that windows and doors with frames made of this metal can be successfully used for special additional tasks. Due to the possibility of carrying high loads and resistance to temperature, aluminum is widely used in the production of modern doors and windows intended for fire protection or protection of buildings against burglary.

Aluminum windows and doors for fire protection

Aluminum windows and doors are used as elements increasing the fire protection of the building. Aluminum is much more resistant to fire and high temperature than other possible solutions, e.g. wooden or PVC windows. Windows and doors made of aluminum are characterized by high fire integrity and fire insulation, as well as internal walls and partitions made in the same way.

High fire protection parameters do not mean that in the case of aluminum windows and doors it is necessary to use any solutions that worsen the aesthetics. The appearance of the refractory elements is similar to that of standard windows and doors. The possibilities of a special finish or adjustment to specific sizes do not change as well. Fire-resistant windows and doors have all the necessary certificates and approvals.

Burglar-proof aluminum windows and doors

The use of aluminum also allows the production of windows and doors with increased burglary resistance. Structures that require a very large amount of time to break through them are equipped with a number of solutions that strengthen their strength. In addition to the special laminated glass with anti-burglary foils of various parameters, appropriate reinforcements of the profiles themselves and fittings with increased durability are used.

Frames of anti-burglary aluminum windows and doors have high stiffness and strength, which is further increased by the use of special steel inserts. They improve the resistance to attempts to drill or cut the structure, while making it easier to embed the windows in the ground as much as possible. The fittings used are not only made of a material of increased hardness, but also have a special shape that makes it difficult to balance or tear the sashes out of the frame. All aluminum windows and doors with an anti-burglary function have the appropriate certificates and certificates.


Panel door MB-86 and MB-104


MB-118EI fine rated protection wall of EI120


MB-45, MB-45D

MB-59S window and door system with termal insulation

MB-60 window and door system with termal insulation

MB-60E EI – Fire rated partitions with doors


MB-78EI firebreaks with doors in EI15 to EI90 class

MB-78 Unprotection fire walls

Partiton walling system MB-80 OFFICE


MB-EXPO system of fixed and opening partition walls with clamping profiles

MB-Ferroline – a window system with narrow profiles

MB-Slide, MB-Slide ST sliding windows and doors

MB-Slimline Window system with slim profiles

Smoke vents and windows


CS 104

CS 68

CS 77


Masterline 8

SL 38