Flandria Aluminum is the author of the concept of flat roofs with an aluminum frame. Villa Veranda is an original and innovative concept.

A modern, elegant garden easily adapts between walls or onto terraces of any shape and angle. A flat roof allows it to be placed under low-descending roofs of buildings, and what is more, the height of the garden facade does not depend on its depth. The space between the profiles of the structure allows you to hide electric cables, heating, air conditioning or lighting.

Stability and durability allows for the creation of large-size aluminum structures. Stylized and decorative profiles allow you to create winter gardens with a unique character and aesthetics.

Skylights in the roof are realized in the Variant system, which gives a large selection of forms (single-pitched, polygonal or pyramid-shaped …)

It is possible to create roofs protruding beyond the surface of the side walls, and thus to create pergolas supported by decorative or simple poles or to hide external roller shutters.