Aluminium balustrades

External aluminum railings protect terraces and balconies, they are also an element of the architectural design of the building. Balustrades of balconies and terraces are also an integral part of the view that extends from them, and also contribute to the character of the interior of a house or apartment. The trend in modern architecture to increase the glazing area by using large windows and balcony doors additionally increases the impact of the type of railing on the users’ experience.

The Specjall company manufactures external aluminum balustrades for balconies and terraces as part of Copal systems. The company’s offer includes railings for single and multi-family residential buildings, as well as for commercial buildings: commercial, service or office buildings. Balustrades supplied and installed by Specjall are made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees high resistance to external conditions and a long service life. Aluminum railings installed by Copal are the best protections for balconies and terraces, they are also very aesthetic, fit well into the character of the building and can be made in many different colors.

External aluminium railings – a protective barrier and facade decoration

External aluminum railings are used as protective railings, and also as architectural details emphasizing the appearance of the building and accentuating the form given to it by the architect. The regulations very strictly regulate both the necessity to place barriers on balconies and terraces and their required height. According to them, the balustrade should be at least 1.1 meters high from the ground level, and at least 0.9 meters in single-family houses. However, as regards their exact appearance, there is full freedom, the only requirement is that the railing prevents the child from climbing it. Where incomplete structures are used, the regulations also require that the clearances should not be greater than 0.12 meters.

Types of fillings for aluminium railings

External aluminum railings are available with various types of filling, which allow you to match the appearance of the barriers to the requirements of each project. The filling is attached to vertical supports ended with a handrail, and at the same time constitutes an integral part of the barrier. Among the different types of fillings that can be used in aluminum balustrades, the most popular are laminated glass panes (also available as self-supporting balustrades), aluminum panels with a different finish, cement panels reinforced with plastic fibers, perforated sheet or balusters – vertical crossbars placed on shoulder.

Aluminium railings with glass fillings

Aluminum railings with a laminated glass filling offer a wide range of options for choosing the type of glass. There are laminated glass with foils in various colors, also with special patterns. The glass can also be fully or partially frosted.

Aluminium balustrades filled with cement panels

Aluminum railings with a cement board filling are most often used when you want to obtain the appearance of the balcony enclosure as closely as possible to the other parts of the facade. Plastic fiber reinforced cement boards can be plastered or painted with facade paints.

Aluminium railings with filling made of perforated sheets or balusters

Aluminum railings with a filling of perforated sheet or balusters are used when it comes to emphasizing the lightness of the structure and ensuring free air flow. The sheet perforation can be performed in practically any way, the holes can have a cross-section, e.g. oval or square, and any arrangement. You can also choose the type of density of the balusters, while maintaining the maximum gap size specified in the regulations.