MB – 23P is the aluminium system destined for balcony glass enclosures. The concept of this solution involves the horizontally sliding windows. Windows basing on this system protect the balcony open space against the unfavourable atmospheric conditions such as: wind, rain, snow as well as dirt and noise. At the same time, the MB-23P system structures hinder burglary, which is particularly essential while living on the ground floor.

The structural depth of sections is equal to 53 mm (frame) and 23 mm (casement). Owing to external housing, the structure built basing on the MB-23P system has the effective water drainage and ventilation systems from the window glass chambers and from the chamber between casement and a frame. The window casements can be filled with a single pane of the thickness equal from 4 to 8 mm, or with safe glass of the thickness equal to 6.4 mm. Thickness of the glass is selected depending on the height at which the balcony is situated, its location and the casement overall dimensions.

The MB-23P system can be used both in already existing balconies as well as in adjoined ones. It can be applied not only in balconies of simple design: thanks to application of the MB-45 window/door profile system, it is possible to create angular connections between the individual windows that are adjustable in a wide range. The enclosure built with this system is characterised by a very easy and fast prefabrication, thanks to elimination of the majority of time-consuming mechanical working processes, what favourably influences the final price of the product.