Aluminium facades

Aluminum facades are very practical and modern forms of finishing building facades. They are most often used in the design of office buildings, commercial facilities and various types of public utility buildings – e.g. offices or museums. The use of aluminum facades allows to give the buildings a unique character, and large glass panes not only provide very good lighting of the interior, but also allow for good utility parameters.

Objects finished with glass or panel facades are resistant to weather conditions – wind, water or low temperatures. Lightweight external partition systems also allow to reduce the noise reaching the interior of the building, and at the same time constitute an element supporting the operation of the ventilation system.

Modern aluminum facades allow for displaying the glass pane and the entire supporting structure. Aluminum elements are an equally important element of the entire facade and very often they give it the appearance intended by the designer. In addition to the aesthetic impressions, the use of aluminum facades is also supported by practical reasons related to the ease of assembly of the entire structure and the short time in which it can be completed. Specjall company provides the most modern solutions related to aluminum facades for finishing modern building facades. We provide the highest quality of assembly and full adaptation to the investor’s requirements.

Aluminum facades enrich the appearance and functionality of the building body

Aluminum facades are used to make building facades in the form of large glass surfaces. They are also used as elements of roofs, as well as various types of spatial structures diversifying the body of the building. Aluminum facade systems have many features that make them eagerly used by architects and investors.

Types of aluminum facade structures

Aluminum facades can be made as structures suspended outside the outline of the building structure. They are then connected to its structure, but they do not carry any loads associated with its load-bearing elements, but only their own weight. They can also be used as filling walls. In this case, they also transfer the loads related to the work of the floor.

Aluminum mullion and transom facades

Prefabricated lightweight aluminum curtain wall facades are available in a variety of systems. Most often they use a proven mullion and transom structure, in which vertical columns connected to the building structure transfer the load associated with the entire structure, and vertically placed transoms act as supports for the glass panes attached to them.

Aluminum façade systems with a mullion-transom structure are available in various variants, which differ in their parameters and visual effects that can be obtained. The traditional construction of this type of façade is based on load-bearing and construction elements placed in one plane. Therefore, the effect of the facade made in this way is created by both aluminum elements and glass panes. This type of fastening and displaying materials on the facade is the most commonly used. Other variants include a semi-structured, structured and point-fixed façade.

Aluminum semi-structural, structural and point facades

In the case of a semi-structural façade, the elements of the structure are partially hidden behind the glass panes, which are fixed with mechanical clamps. In the case of a structural façade, there is also a façade on which glass elements are exposed, but they are chemically attached using special adhesives. The point façade, on the other hand, is based on fixing the glass with holders that connect to the glass only at selected points, most often the corners of the glass.

Additional possibilities of mullion-transom facades

Aluminum façade systems with a mullion-transom structure offer a number of amenities that facilitate the execution of the entire structure and its subsequent functioning. As part of the prefabricated elements, special ventilation, drainage and steam discharge systems are available. It is also possible to equip the systems with additional solutions: tilt windows, roof covers to reduce sunlight, or special solutions increasing the fire resistance of the facade.


MB-70CW cold-warm facade based on windows

MB-RW roof window system

MB-SE75, MB-SE75HI elemental facade

MB-SG50 structural facade

MB-SR50 mullion-transform wall

MB-SUNPRO facade blinds