Self-supporting glass railings are an indispensable element of modern architecture. Such structures become a permanent architectural element, thanks to which the perception of the architectural body of the building is maximized through the use of natural light and maintaining contact with the environment. All-glass railings give unlimited design freedom.

Self-supporting railing systems increase the comfort of users and increase the value of the property

All-glass railings are whole strips of glass, not divided in any way, and additionally having a structural function, because they carry heavy loads. As a result, the fixing of the glass can be almost invisible.

Self-supporting railings allow for the implementation of a wide range of solutions, tailored to the individual style and preferences of the investor and designer

The Copal all-glass railing system is a classic railing system with a linear bottom glass fastening in the form of an aluminum support profile and a glass pane, which behaves as a support with even load distribution on the wind pressure and with a linear load along the upper edge of the glass.


We offer A2 (inside) and A4 (outside) stainless steel handrails in oval and rectangular shapes. Handles are available in INOX color with a brushed or polished finish. The advantage of stainless steel handrails is their greater stiffness and better resistance to mechanical damage that may arise when the handrail is hammered onto the glass and during their possible disassembly.


They can be mounted both directly on the balcony slab and on the front of the balcony slab. The system is quick, easy and so-called dry glass wedging system, i.e. after embedding the glass in the base profile, appropriate wedges are placed to stabilize the glass pane. This method of glass installation saves a lot of assembly time and the assembly work is clean. Glass panes do not have any additional processing in the form of holes, which increases the strength of the glass and the price of the glass itself, as well as for the time of production and assembly. Such panes can be replaced much faster, without the need to disassemble the entire structure.


The glass used in Copal self-supporting glass railings is toughened laminated glass. Such glass has greater strength than ordinary glass, and in the event of breakage, it breaks into a fine, unsharp mesh, without the risk of being injured by glass particles, while the foil keeps the glass particles in place. The Copal base profile with a system of appropriate EPDM gaskets and wedges enables the use of the standard glass required for this type of structure:

– Glass 8.8.4 – (two 8 mm thick toughened glass panes and four PVB film layers, with a total thickness of 17.52 mm, glued together)

The balustrade glass does not have to be transparent. The foil layers between the panes can be colored, with graphic elements or with high-quality digital printing. An additional finish of the glass can be anti-reflective or low-emission coatings.

all-glass railing, filling

The type of glass, its size and strength should be selected by the designer, taking into account the regulations, loads acting on the balustrade and the characteristics of the load-bearing elements of the COPAL self-supporting all-glass railing system.