The MB-SG50 system gives the possibility to construct and produce light weight curtain walls of hanging and filling types, roofs, skylights and other structures designed for application in buildings of the general use.

The supporting structure of the MB-SG50 system is based on a mullion/transom aluminium frame of the profile width equal to 50 mm. Transoms are mounted to the mullions with the overlay method, which enables application of different ways of mounting.

Special attention should be given to the aesthetic and lightness of the construction: the distance between the in-fills is equal to 16 mm, while the noticeable width of the profiles from the inside is equal to only 85 mm. Due to the similar structure of the mullions and the transoms, the appearance of the wall which is achieved from the inside is identical with the MB-SG50 profile system. This results in the possibility to install both walls side by side in the building. This compatibility is also reflected in the application of identical or similar accessories destined for connecting and mounting the individual elements, what significantly reduces the construction costs.

This system gives the possibility to secure mechanically the external glass panels along the whole surface and at set points, or at the corners of the set according to individual requirements. A very important feature of the MB-SG50 system is also the side mounting of the aluminium frames, which enables installing of opaque panels in solid brick wall.