CF 77

Concept Folding® 77 combines a high degree of insulation and comfort with maximum sun permeability and an amazing appearance. This extraordinary folding door system allows you to connect the interior of the building with the outside world, while taking only a small part of the usable space. Models are available with different opening options, both inside and outside, to meet all your expectations. In addition to the standard folding elements, the CF 77 system offers the possibility of constructing a main door, in which the first wing serves as an entrance door, independently of the other folding wings.

There are 4 door threshold solutions: high leak-proof parameters, intermediate leakage parameters, low threshold, and even a flat threshold, to meet all aesthetic and practical requirements. In addition, the CF 77 system is fully compatible with CS systems for windows, doors and curtain walls.

In addition, the CF 77 system is available in the Functional Slim-Line version. This variant is characterized by even thinner profiles, which makes them less visible.